Kiln Dried Softwood - Jumbo Bag




Our Jumbo Bag of Kiln Dried Softwood Logs contains approximately 1.4 m3 of Kiln Dried Conifer. Our Softwood is a mix of predominately Spruce and Pine, producing optimum heat, perfect for keeping you warm even on the coldest of winter nights. 

  • Jumbo Bag contains approximately 1.4 m3 of Kiln Dried Conifer.
  • Maximum heat output - Average Moisture Content: M20 (below 20%)
  • The softwood we use is all Homegrown Conifer - mainly Sprice and Pine.
  • Log length 20cm - will fit in all stoves.
  • Clean to handle.
  • Less ash, cleaner burn, lower emissions, eco-friendly.
  • Wood Fuel Quality Assurance certified.
  • Sourced from sustainably managed forests.

All of our timber is sourced locally and dried in our purpose built Firewood Kiln. With a guaranteed 20% or less moisture content (firewoods energy content is directly related to its moisture content) our Kiln Dried Softwood gives intense heat, burns longer and minimises residue on glass fronted stoves & flues.